Plarmia "Enriched" Volumizer+ Mousse

Plarmia "Enriched" Volumizer+ Mousse

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Volumize & Style, Smooth & Boost Repair

Developed especially for thinning hair and those with lack of density, this weightless, carbonated treatment mousse effortlessly lifts roots – activated by heat – to create natural fullness, restoring youthful looks. The non-sticky formula does not make hair crunchy, instead keeping hair soft and brushable and is gentle to the scalp.

Expert Tips: Shake can well. Hold it upside down and dispense approximately an "egg size" into palm. Spread on palms, then apply and distribute evenly at the roots. Lift the roots and blow-dry against the natural hair growth, using a hand or a brush.

Ingredients: CMADK™, Heat-Activated Silk Polypeptide, Corn Starch, Hyaluronic Acid, CMADK™: CarboxyMethyl Alanyl Disulfide Keratin